Friday, 11 November 2011

John Grierson

"The documentary idea, demands no more than that the affairs of our time shall be brought to our screen in  a fashion which strikes the imagination and makes observation a little richer than it was. at one level, the vision may be journalistic, at another, it may rise to poetry and drama. At another level again, it is an aesthetic quality may lie in the mere lucidity of its expression". Quote from introduction of Grierson on Documentary by Forsyth Hardy.
More on Grierson here  from the Grierson Trust. Among his many achievements, John Grierson established the National Film Board of Canada during World War II, and served as UNESCO's first Director of Mass Communications and Public Information in 1947. Throughout his long career, he was in some way responsible for the production of well over 1000 films and television programmes. There is an annual award given at the BFi each autumn during the London film festival.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

blink productions

BLINK  good stable of directors of adverts and pop promo, you will recognise the work. good profiles of the directors with their history, and what they do. have a look.